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TubcuT Conversions Can Save You Money

TubcuT Conversions Can Save You Money

When we assess our homes for upgrades, the bathroom may fall to the back of the line. Let’s look at a small change in the bathroom that can be beneficial, increase safety, and save money as well. It’s called a TubcuT conversion.

What is a TubcuT Conversion?

TubcuT conversions involve removing a piece of the existing bathtub’s front wall, leaving a small threshold, and sealing the usually u-shaped cut-out. This will leave the homeowner with a shower stall. Homeowners can also choose where the cut out will go. We’re able choose it to be centered or off to the side, for example. The only thing that is relatively set in stone is the size of the cut-out portion, as the caps that seal the cut-out are fabricated in preset sizes.

Why People Choose TubcuT Conversions

TubcuT conversions are a choice that appeals to many people. Some basic reasons include wanting a shower instead of a bathtub, wanting to upgrade or change the look of your bathroom, and if we or a loved one are unable to safely navigate getting in and out of unmodified bathtubs. There is a lot of peace of mind knowing we or our loved ones will stay safer during bathing. Besides safety, another perceived benefit of choosing a step in tub conversion for your bathroom makeover is that it will save you money in various ways.

How Do TubcuT Conversions Save Homeowners Money?

TubcuT conversions are an attractive idea because they can save money in a few different ways. One way they save money is making a full shower stall installation unnecessary. You will need screws, hinges, and so on if you want to keep the option open for the bathtub to be used for soaking. Speaking of soaking, another way a TubcuT conversion will save money is using less water. Having a shower, especially if you also have a low-flow shower head, will use much less water. This project can be considered a long-term investment.