The TubcuT® is The Original Tub to Shower Conversion

 The TubcuT® will improve accessibility, Reduce Accidents, Serious Injuries and help people remain in their homes Longer.

The TubcuT® Is Seamless and Guaranteed for life

Save 90% Repalcement Cost !

We convert your tub to a walk in shower in just one day. No plumbing or demolition. Little to no disruption. A simple shower curtain, the same used on a  shower stall, stops any water concerns. Shower doors optional.

It's Like Having A Walk In Shower Without The Cost !

We create the opening that fits your needs. Unlike a cap systems, The TubcuT ® adapts to you. With our exclusive process, you dictate where we create the opening, how wide it will be, and how low, typically just 4" off the floor


If you sell your home we can reverse The TubcuT ®  back to a regular tub again,  just like brand new! Save thousands on resale!

TubcuT® is available nationally By Certified TubcuT® Dealers


Make sure your working with a Certified  Tubcut® Installer. When you work with a certified installer your working with over 25 years of experience and a time tested method that has NEVER had a failure! All of our installers are factory trained to meet or exceed our high stringent standards. The TubcuT® cannot be outperformed and we have the track record to prove it.  Don't settle for anything less then the Original TubcuT®


 The TubcuT® threshold is just  4” above the floor giving you easier, safer access, the same as a typical shower pan. TubcuT® Follows the same exact contour of your tub there is no ledge on the threshold or a bulky plastic inserts. Remember those plastic inserts are just caulked in and are subject to leaking and will need service down the road. The TubcuT® is custom fitted to your tub creating a seamless, water proof & Has a beautiful factory appearance, unlike anything else available. The TubcuT® is the only tub to shower conversion that can be REVERSED!  Save the cut out section of the tub and we can restore your tub to its original condition. 

The TubcuT® has a life time warranty backed by the manufacturer. 

TubcuT® With Shower Doors


 The TubcuT® changes lives. But many dismiss it as something ‘only for the elderly’. However there is another class of customer we have, those with health and mobility issues. People with multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, fibro-myalgia, Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy will benefit greatly from The TubcuT. 

For accident victims, anyone in chronic pain, people with knee or hip replacements or any neuro-muscular disease The TubcuT can be a life-changing product.

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