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Accessible Showers: A Guide to Safe Bathing for Seniors

Accessible Showers: A Guide to Safe Bathing for Seniors

Seniors naturally encounter many obstacles as they age, including mobility issues. While you may not struggle to get around your home as much, something as simple as stepping into your shower might not only be difficult but potentially perilous should you lose your balance or slip and fall with one leg in the tub. 

The good news? There are aging-in-place renovations that can be made to improve your overall quality of life and make it so that you’re able to bathe with greater ease and confidence. Let’s take a closer look at accessible showers to better understand what they are and what place they have in the future of your home.

What Are Accessible Showers?

Aptly named, accessible showers are any type of shower that makes it easier for those with mobility issues or other disabilities to get into them. Many showers that are also tubs feature high walls that younger adults have no problem climbing into. Unfortunately, this can be much harder for older individuals who may not be as balanced or strong as they once were. Accessible showers take the place of existing showers to make it easier for these individuals to get in and out without the likelihood of slipping or falling.

What Are the Benefits of Accessible Showers?

Accessible showers offer an array of benefits for those who are struggling to get into their current showers. Firstly, you can more easily enter and exit your shower without having to find new and creative ways to get in or rely on the help of others to be able to bathe when you want to.

Accessible showers can easily fit into your existing space. Some individuals may need much more space to clean themselves, so their accessible shower will naturally be bigger to accommodate them. Your shower is built specifically for you. This isn’t the average shower that meets the general needs of those bathing. Because you’re seeking out an accessible shower that’s a good fit for you, this is kept in mind so that you’re getting a bespoke result.

Are There Fast, Affordable Options Available to Me?

The biggest concern for seniors looking to make simple home renovations like these is that it’s going to take up way too much time and cost a fortune. The reality is that some projects will, which can make it harder for seniors to get what they need promptly. That being said, the opposite is true too. Where there are always very expensive and time-consuming projects that you could embark on, there are equally simple and affordable options to choose too. But what is the best choice if you’re looking for an accessible shower? We recommend TubcuT.

Get a Walk-in Shower That Best Serves You With the TubcuT

The TubcuT is a simple tub-to-shower conversion in PA that helps you get the most out of your bathroom space and offers a showering experience that’s right for you by cutting out a chunk of your tub so that you can walk in. This serves to save you time as it’s a fast process, saves you money, and even comes with important features like grab bars and anti-skid rugs so that you can navigate your shower with confidence. Are you looking for walk-in bathtubs for seniors that are designed for you? Get in touch with us today to get started!