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Top Ten Tips to Keep Safe from Injury in The Bathroom

Top Ten Tips to Keep Safe from Injury in The Bathroom

Your home’s bathroom can cause injuries to children and adults alike. Here are 10 ways to create a safer bathroom inside your home.

Bathroom Safety Tip 1: Handrail Installation

Make your bathroom safer by installing handrails on the walls in strategic locations. Some of the best locations for these devices are near the toilets or the bathtubs.

Bathroom Safety Tip 2: Additional Lighting

The installation of additional lighting fixtures on the ceilings or the walls can make it easier to see any dangers in a bathroom.

Bathroom Safety Tip 3: Slip-resistant Floor Tiles

Today, it is possible to find slip-resistant floor tiles for a home’s bathrooms to help prevent slipping and falling from water puddles.

Bathroom Safety Tip 4: Toilet Lid Fasteners

If you have babies or toddlers in your home, then you should have a toilet lid fastener to keep them safe.

Bathroom Safety Tip 5: Soft Covers Over the Faucets and Handles

Protect someone from an injury in your home’s bathtub by having soft covers over the handles and faucets in a bathtub. These devices are easy to slip onto the handles or the faucets.

Bathroom Safety Tip 6: Grippers on the Bathtub

Make sure that your bathtub or shower stall has special slip-resistant grippers on the bottom. There are bathtubs that are made with grippers, or you can find these devices at a home improvement store.

Bathroom Safety Tip 7: Faucet Handle Locks

You can place faucet handle locks on the devices in the bathtub and the sink to prevent scalding injuries from hot water. This can protect your small children who may try to turn on the water to fill a sink.

Bathroom Safety Tip 8: Installation of a Shower Door

With a solid sliding shower door, you are less likely to have puddles of water on the floor that can lead to slipping and falling.

Bathroom Safety Tip 9: Keep the Bathroom Clutter-free

Make sure that your bathroom is free of clutter. This might include towels on the floor or a plugged-in hair dryer next to a sink filled with water.

Bathroom Safety Tip 10: Easy to Access Bathtubs

With a bathtub cut out, it is easier for an elderly individual to have a shower without stepping over the high side of the bathtub. This type of bathtub upgrade can also create a shower stall that is easier for a wheelchair user to access safely without any assistance from a caregiver.