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Optimize Your Bathing Space With A Tub To Shower Conversion

There’s nothing that is more stressful than a renovation. It’s inconvenient, it’s messy, and there’s nothing fun about living on a building site. When you want to make your home more accessible, though, some changes are necessary. This doesn’t mean that you need to rip the entire bathroom out, though, as with our tub to shower conversion, you can make life a lot simpler for less mess and cash!

A tub to shower conversion is the best option for those with limited mobility. Getting in and out of the tub alone becomes a challenge requiring balance and concentration, but with The Tub Cut, you can improve accessibility and avoid serious injury. A small investment in a tub to shower conversion can change everything for your home. We create a space that fits your needs, ensuring that you avoid costly renovations while maintaining independence all at the same time.

Not only will you get back your independence, but you’ll also get a solution that is less hassle and less construction than an entire bathroom renovation. Most of our clients buy a tub to shower conversion for ageing parents, and independence is the best gift that you could give someone with mobility issues. Keeping your lifestyle and your confidence intact is what we can do with a tub to shower conversion, and you get to enjoy your bathroom all over again. The best bit? We can convert your bathtub to shower in just one day!