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Ways to improve accessibility in your bathroom

If you’re looking to improve accessibility in your bathroom, then good news: there are many ways that you can modify your bathroom to improve mobility. Check out these five ideas. 

Convert Your Bathtub Into A Walk-In Shower With The Tub Cut Company

If you’re struggling to get in and out of the bathtub, then having your bathtub converted into a shower by the Tub Cut Company could dramatically improve your quality of life. Instead of ripping out your old bath and replacing it with a shower, we avoid all the mess and waste of doing that by converting the tub you already have into something with better accessibility. Our solutions are perfect if you’re suffering from arthritis, injury or another condition which limits your mobility. What’s more, we can reverse the process if you decide to move out, restoring the value of your property and saving you thousands in bathroom refit costs.

Mount Hand Rails

Handrails next to the bath, toilet, and shower can help if a person using the bathroom has difficulty standing up unassisted or balancing while maneuvering. Bars are an inexpensive and effective way to improve your current mobility situation.

Upgrade The Bathroom Sink

Sometimes it can be a challenge to see which is the hot faucet, and which is the cold. Elderly or those with sight loss may benefit from an upgrade to the bathroom sink that makes tap labeling clearer and easier to read.

Install A Non-Slip Mat

Bathroom floors can become slippery when wet, especially tiled and vinyl floors. The good news is that non-slip mats are affordable and effective, helping to keep people safe as they use the facilities.

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