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Is a TubcuT® Conversion Possible for a Porcelain Tub?

Is a TubcuT® Conversion Possible for a Porcelain Tub?

Ever dreamed of having a beautiful porcelain walk-in shower for seniors but got stuck with a bathtub instead? Do you generally have trouble stepping over the bathtub wall? Have you been thinking about installing a walk-in shower in its place because of that? Luckily for you, you don’t have to install an entirely new walk-in shower. Instead, you can have a TubcuT® conversion done to give you the same effect, and often have it done at a lower price!

What is a TubcuT®?

A TubcuT® is probably at least similar to what you’re thinking. A licensed professional will saw a piece of the bathtub’s front wall and remove it. Afterward, they’ll refinish the side and bottom parts of the wall that were left behind.

A threshold will still be left at the bottom, usually at a minimum of four inches, so that the water will always be kept in the tub. When accompanied by the shower curtain, the threshold ensures that there won’t be any flooding whenever you take a shower.

Additionally, if people are living in your house who still want to soak in a bath, you can get a door installed on the cut part of your bathtub to seal in the water just for them.

Can Any Tub Be Cut?

Generally, yes! You can perform a TubcuT® conversion on bathtubs made from acrylic, cast iron, steel, fiberglass, and, yes, even porcelain. While porcelain can be very fragile, the proper saw and the techniques of an expert will ensure the tub is cut cleanly and evenly.

Whether you have a bathtub built right into the tile, mounted on a deck, or with whirlpool features, any type of tub can usually be cut.

How Long Will Cutting a Porcelain Tub Take?

It should take less than a day. In most cases, it only takes a few hours to cut a tub made of any type of material. Keep in mind, though, that it takes 24 hours for the refinished walls to dry properly.

Don’t worry about your porcelain bathtub. It can be cut just as cleanly as any other bathtub, if you find a professional to get it done. The result will be that gorgeous walk in that you’ve always wanted or needed for a while, providing more ease and convenience into your daily life.