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Does My TubcuT Require Special Maintenance?

Does My TubcuT Require Special Maintenance?

A TubcuT® is another name for a walk-in tub. They are often offered as an option for older people and those with difficulties getting in and out of a traditional tub. It can be tricky and dangerous for someone with a mobility issue. The TubcuT® is a special type of bathtub with doors that open and close. This makes entering and leaving the tub much simpler and safer.

Walk-in tubs are becoming more frequently found in retirement centers and senior living facilities around the world. If you have an aging loved one or family member with mobility issues, you may suggest they consider getting a tub-cut installed in their bathroom. This can easily be added during a bathroom remodel project.

How Do TubcuT® Walk-ins Work?

Generally, a TubcuT® walk-in bath will come with a door installed on the side to make getting in and out easier. There is no need to climb into the tub over the sidewall. Traditional tubs require lifting your legs over the tub’s threshold during times where the tub or floor is wet and slippery. This is very dangerous for certain people.

The doors on the tub are sealed in a way that keeps the water in the tub when they are closed. No water will get on the floor. These types of bathtubs come with fast-draining options so that the individual in the bath will not have to wait forever for the water to drain and open the door. These tubs will need special installation by a professional. They come with a variety of optional features such as adjustable shower heads, bubble jets, handrails and inside seating.

Is There Special Maintenance Required?

There is no regular maintenance required once you have a tub-cut installed in your home. As with a typical bathtub, you will watch for any signs of leaking or damage before having to call a service technician for repairs.

Benefits of the TubcuT® For Seniors and Those with Mobility Issues

There are many benefits of a walk-in bathtub for those who have mobility issues and are aging. Aside from easy access in and out of the tub through the door, there are also handrails to reduce the risk of slipping. There is also no need for shower doors, which have always been a hazard to seniors because they would end up using them for balance or stability. This is a bad idea because sliding doors are not able to securely take on the weight of someone.

Another benefit of an installed tub cut bathtub is that it can increase the value of your home. They are a great investment that can pay off in the long run. Even people without mobility issues can enjoy the comfort the walk-in tub can offer.